Emma Seppälä, Ph.D completed her doctorate research in Psychology at Stanford University and is Science Director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University School of Medicine. She has conducted research on meditation for well-being and yoga for trauma and is also a science journalist with Psychology TodayScientific American Mind, and the Huffington Post. Her research has been cited in many news outlets including ABC, The New York Times as well as Congressman Tim Ryan’s book Mindful Nation and the documentary film Free the Mind. Emma is passionate about helping others find fulfillment which is how she got the idea for Fulfillment Daily! For more on Emma, see here.



Managing Editor


Vivian Lam is a Stanford undergrad majoring in Comparative Literature and Human Biology, with a concentration in the medical humanities and ethics. She is interested in end of life and palliative care, and the role of literature in learning how to reach fulfillment daily. Her life-sustaining force comes from running far while staring profoundly into the distance. Among other things, she enjoys eating oatmeal, writing and making films, and singing terribly in the shower.




Jessica Waala has a background in psychological science and research as well as writing and editing. She is a Research and Outreach Associate at Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education. She graduated with Distinction from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she was nominated to the National Society of Collegiate Scholars for academic excellence.  She is trilingual in English, Spanish and American Sign Language and this gift of languages has made her particularly sensitive to the need for compassion and mutual understanding in the world.


Dhruv Nandamudi is currently finishing his B.S. in Psychology from Yale University, with an emphasis in                 neuroscience. He also contributes as a research associate at Yale’s Clinical and Affective Neuroscience Lab, examining the neural mechanisms of treatment response in patients with binge-eating disorder. He hopes to pursue a career as a practicing clinical psychologist.



Art Director


Namita Azad is a New York City based contemporary photographer whose work varies from the intricate details of weddings to the vast landscapes of the world. She believes that photographs speak to your heart and not only your mind and with each frame she strives to tell a story and connect the words with emotion. Namita is committed to bringing you beautiful imagery on Fulfillment Daily. See more of Namita’s work here.