Photo by Aidan Meyer

The Secret to Finally Beating Procrastination


The Challenge: Self-criticism is a common way to address procrastination, but it seldom works The Science: Studies show that procrastination is linked to lower self-compassion & higher stress The Solution: Being…

Photo by Alexander Dummer

6 Pieces of Bad Advice We Give To Kids


The Challenge: While well-intentioned, advice we give our kids often has a negative impact The Science: Studies show that typical parental advice increases kids’ stress and unhappiness The…

Photo by Teddy Kelley

How Animals Help Us And Teach Us


The Challenge: We often view animals as inferior, and don’t believe they have much to teach us The Science: Studies show that animals are capable of empathy,…

Photo by Matthew Henry

The Simple Way to Quell Loneliness


The Challenge: Loneliness is a widespread problem effecting many American lives The Science: Individualistic ideology, not than modern technology, is behind much of our isolation The…