Can Money Buy Happiness? INFOGRAPHIC

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The Challenge: It’s difficult to draw the line on how far money can bring us happiness.
The Science: Science suggests that experiences, rather than possessions, make us happier.
The Solution: Check out this infographic to explore the connection between money and happiness!
When it comes to the subject of holidays, some of world’s finest destinations come with a pretty hefty price tag that puts travelling there out of reach for the majority of us. Can money buy happiness? It’s a question often floated around but one without a definitive answer. Sure, even the richest people in the world probably have wishes and dreams that can’t be paid for, but a wad of cash can certainly help please many of us as it allows us to purchase tangible goods that make life that little bit sweeter. Would an endless bank balance satisfy our travel itch for good? Here we explore…

Can money buy hapiness

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This infographic originally appeared at Medway Leisure Travel.

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